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Detecting Group Policy Changes and Drift Using SDM Software’s Reporting Pak

In this video, SDM Software ( CTO & Founder Darren Mar-Elia shows how you can use the GPO Reporting Pak–composed of GPO Compare and Exporter, to detect changes within a

GPO Exporter 2.0 Released!

Today I’m happy to announce that SDM Software has released our 2.0 version of GPO Exporter! I’m really excited about this release because I think it represents a new milestone in an organization’s ability to get insight and add manageability to Group Policy as a configuration management tool for Windows. As I had blogged previously, […]

Register for our Group Policy Design Webinar on January 30th– Two Group Policy MVPs Presenting about Group Policy!

I’m happy to announce that on January 30th at 9am Pacific Time (GMT-8), SDM Software will be presenting a webinar entitled, “Optimizing Group Policy Design and Performance with SDM Software”. In this webinar, fellow Group Policy MVP Derek MelberĀ and myself will be talking about best practices for Group Policy design to ensure good desktop performance […]

GPO Exporter 1.6 Ships!

It’s often the case in software that there’s more stuff that you want to do in a product than you have time for in a given release. That was the case with our recent release of GPO Exporter — 1.6. There were a number of things that didn’t make it into 1.5 –principally around our […]