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Group Policy Products

Group Policy is about security and productivity. Keeping Group Policy healthy and modern maximizes your environment’s and your users’ security and productivity.

It’s responsible for securing and locking down Windows servers and desktops across your enterprise. And yet, many Group Policy deployments were rolled out piecemeal, over years, without proper controls or mechanisms in place to ensure a modern, reliable infrastructure. Given today’s security threats, that’s no longer a wise strategy for managing your Windows infrastructure. SDM Software provides the solutions to help you modernize your Group Policy deployments–from assessment to migration to control–in the form of auditing, certification and compliance of Group Policy settings–the full lifecycle of a “Modernized” Group Policy deployment.

Modernizing Group Policy with SDM Software

Modernization of Group Policy starts with a proper assessment and clean-up of your GPOs. SDM Software is uniquely positioned to help with this problem, providing our GP Reporting Pak and GPO Migrator products to help you find duplicate, conflicting and unused GPOs and settings, and clean them up or optimize them. Whether you’re doing an Active Directory domain migration or consolidation or just looking to clean-up and consolidate Group Policy, our solutions will help you get there in record time!

The Group Policy Modernization Lifecycle

Once you’ve cleaned up and optimized your Group Policy deployments, SDM Software has a suite of products to help you keep your Group Policy deployment consistent and reliable:

  • Change Manager for Group Policy provides modern web-based Group Policy change control with approval-based workflow, rollback and scheduled deployment of GPO and container linking changes.
  • Group Policy Auditing & Attestation (GPAA) provides real-time Group Policy change auditing, alerting, GPO rollback and GPO attestation/certification to maintain visibility over your GPOs and prevent “GPO Sprawl”.
  • Group Policy Automation Engine (GPAE) provides the only GPO “SDK” that allows for automated GPO change management via PowerShell. Group Policy-as-code is now a reality!
  • Group Policy Compliance Manager (GPCM) provides the feedback mechanism missing in native tools to tell you that Group Policy has been successfully deployed and allows you to validate that critical security hardening has been received by your Windows servers and desktops.