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PowerShell ISE Tip

Just a quick tip. I found this a bit too cool not to share.

I was working in the PowerShell ISE building up a demo script for our Group Policy Automation Engine. If you are not familiar with it you should be! Anyway, as I built it up I used some variable names that made sense at the beginning but when the demo script grew I felt the names needed to change. Having references to these variables…

Administrative Template files for Office 2016 Now Available

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let folks know that Microsoft has made the ADMX files for Office 2016 available for download!

As always when you get a new set of ADMX files, you can deploy them for use by either copying them up to your PolicyDefinitions folder within the Central Store (i.e. on SYSVOL on your DCs), or, if you are not using the Central Store, into…

Azure AD Domain Services

Darren Mar-Elia was kind enough to take some time to walk through and share his thoughts on the Azure AD Domain Services. Microsoft recently released a preview and Darren jumped right in there picking it apart and helping us make sense out of the new capabilities. Take a look and hear his insight into expectations that have been met and those that are not quite there yet.

I find the technology…

Helping with a SQL CE challenge using Here-Strings

While working through a challenge I stumbled through a few interesting items that are worth jotting down. I’ve used both of these constructs before but I had to re-search for some assistance. This created the realization that I need the answers closer at hand, so why not put something up on the SDM Blog.
The Challenge
One of the customers of SDM Software’s Group Policy Compliance Manager (GPCM)…

Move Azure VM from One Subnet to Another

I was needing to test something on an unpatched 2008 R2 box and in my Azure lab the subnet that machine was pointed to was all full up! So, how to fix it? Of course PowerShell to the rescue.

I wrote up a quick walkthrough of what I did to move the machine. Check it out on my configure_ITout blog.

I hope it…

A Peek Inside Registry.pol

Hello everyone!

I posted a quick video on polviewer.exe. The tool called ‘Registry.pol Reader’ is a free tool Darren Mar-Elia built to solve a pretty important issue. And because he’s a great guy, there is that!

The need for the tool is pretty obvious to those of us who have been managing and troubleshooting Group Policy for many years. If you are new to Group Policy you are likely awar…

Troubleshooting GP Processing tip

Troubleshooting is a bit of an art form. It requires creativity but that creativity needs to be expressed inside certain parameters. Those parameters depend on what is being troubleshot. (Is that really a word?)

There is a TechNet article that has been around for quite a while called Troubleshooting Group Policy Using Event Logs and you must take a look. Understanding these Events and their…

Spiceworld 2015 – Austin, TX!

Hi everyone! I hope you are well and you all had a great summer. I have to admit I’m torn, not quite enough Summer for me (or my kids) but I’m extremely excited to get back into a rhythm and get cranking on some great work this year. We have an amazing year planned at SDM.

I wanted to bring up Spiceworld 2015 in Austin, TX from September 23rd – 25th. (Spiceworld Austin 2015). I’ll be doing a…

Video on Group Policy Preference Password Remediation

Just a quick follow up to my previous post on Group Policy Preference password remediation–our very own Kevin Sullivan posted a great video walkthrough of the problem and our tool for remediating these passwords.

Remediating Group Policy Preference Passwords

Group Policy Preference Password Remediation Utility

A little over two weeks ago, the United State Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) issued a bulletin calling for admins to take action on an old issue that I’ve covered extensively in the past. The issue relates to the fact that there are several areas within Group Policy Preference (GPP) that used to allow you to enter user name and password information into the preference item, to b…

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