SDM Software Whitepapers

Group Policy, Privileged Access and Pass-the-Hash

In this whitepaper, SDM Software Founder and CTO Darren Mar-Elia covers the role that Group Policy plays in privileged access management within your environment, and how you can use Group Policy to mitigate how an attacker can move around your environment using techniques such as Pass-the-Hash or other methods to achieve lateral movement to increasingly elevated targets. Group Policy plays a key role in letting you isolate segments of your Windows desktops and servers to prevent attackers from gaining a foothold across your environment.

Windows 10 & Group Policy–Key Steps to Group Policy Success

13-time Microsoft Group Policy MVP & SDM Software founder Darren Mar-Elia, shares highlights on what's new in Group Policy for Windows 10, some best practices for leveraging these new settings, and things you should think about with respect to overall Group Policy management as you prepare to upgrade to Windows 10.

DSC – Why Do We Care?

What is Desired State Configuration? How is it related to Group Policy? This paper is authored to start a conversation to answer these questions. On the surface they may seem simple, but the ability to answer the question thoughtfully takes some knowledge of what this DSC thing really is. The beginning of the discussion is all about positioning DSC, provides some definitions and examples and introducing it in the context of Group Policy. SDM Software cares about configuration management and will continue to serve our customers by providing solid information to help people come up to speed on this and other new technologies.

Modernizing Your Group Policy Environment

This whitepaper provides a high level overview of our experiences and recommendations around modernizing your Group Policy environment, with an eye towards getting the most from your Windows configuration management technologies. The paper describes a step-by-step processing for getting control of Group Policy, regardless of whether you are just starting with it, or have been deploying it for 15 years!

Understanding Slow Boot/Slow Logon Reporting in GPO Reporting Pak

Whitepaper that describes the slow-boot and slow-logon reporting in the GPO Exporter product that is part of GPO Reporting Pak. Certain Group Policy design decisions can impact boot and logon times on Windows clients. This whitepaper explains the reports that come in the GPO Reporting Pak to support providing insight into these design decisions.

An Introduction to Group Policy Preferences

This whitepaper provides an introduction to the features and capabilities found in Group Policy Preferences--an extension to Windows Group Policy that Microsoft incorporated into Windows Vista and newer versions of the OS. GP Preferences extends Group Policy with features such as drive and printer mappings, scheduled task deployment and local user and group management.

Automating Group Policy Management

This whitepaper describes how you can automate changes to Group Policy settings using the SDM Software Group Policy Automation Engine (GPAE). GPAE provides a PowerShell interface for managing GPO settings.