GPO Reporting with GROUP POLICY REPORTING PAK Evaluate the market-leading Group Policy Reporting Pak, for GPO comparison, inventory and analysis.
GPO Change Auditing and Attestation with GPAA Real-time GPO change auditing, alerting, attestation and rollback with SDM Software Group Policy Auditing & Attestation (GPAA)

Group Policy Reporting Pak

GPO Reporting Pak combines the power of GPO Compare and GPO Exporter into one package, giving you the visibility into your Group Policy infrastructure you need to clean up redundant GPO settings, to make sure you have the right settings in place, and to meet your Group Policy auditing requirements. If Group Policy management is your job, then the GPO Reporting Pak should be a key part of your toolset.


Compare up to 4 GPOs or GPO backups, for comparing GPOs or backups against a baseline GPO. Support for comparing GPO Exporter Snapshots, to quickly find what settings have changed within a GPO environment. Support for showing settings that are same and different.

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