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Group Policy Freeware Utilities

Group Policy utilities developed by Darren Mar-Elia (the “GPOGuy”).

LEGAL NOTICE: All Freeware posted on this Website is provided for download on an as-is basis and is subject to the terms applicable to Freeware in our Terms of Service. By downloading Freeware, you accept full responsibility for testing Freeware and ensuring its compatibility with your computers, systems and network environment.  You may not re-post, re-use, sell and/or license to third parties any Freeware unless you obtain prior written approval from SDM Software, Inc.

Registry.Pol Viewer 1.5 Utility 

WMI Filter Validation Utility

Group Policy Preference Password Remediation Utility 1.1

Group Policy Health Reporter 1.9

GPO Deny Finder 1.1

SDM GPMC PowerShell Cmdlets 2.1

GPO Version Powershell Cmdlets

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