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Group Policy Freeware Utilities

Group Policy utilities developed by Darren Mar-Elia (the “GPOGuy”). 

Registry.Pol Viewer 1.5 Utility 

WMI Filter Validation Utility
Group Policy Preference Password Remediation Utility
Group Policy Health Reporter 1.9

GPO Deny Finder 1.1

SDM GPMC PowerShell Cmdlets 2.1

GPO Version Powershell Cmdlets

DISCLAIMER: Everything posted here is offered as-is. By downloading it, you accept full responsibility for testing to ensure it does not cause any problems in your own environment. There is no warranty on any of the code or files on this page, so it’s up to you to make sure it’s safe for your environment. Please don’t repost or re-use the tools or content elsewhere unless you get prior approval from SDM Software, Inc. Many of the files on this page are offered as freeware (unless otherwise noted by the author), and as such should not be sold by anyone else.

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