GPO Reporting Pak

All the Power for Reporting on Group Policy

Key Features

  • Combines GPO Compare and GPO Exporter into one package for maximum Group Policy reporting power
  • Lets you compare settings across GPOs, find conflicts between GPOs and easily spot redundant settings
  • The ideal solution when you are looking to clean up, optimize or consolidate your Group Policy environment
  • When combined with Group Policy Automation Engine, provides the #1 solution for GPO migrations and consolidations

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The GPO Reporting Pak, combining GPO Compare and GPO Exporter, gives you the visibility into your Group Policy infrastructure you need to clean up redundant GPO settings, to make sure you have the right settings in place, and to meet your Group Policy auditing requirements. If Group Policy management is your job, then the GPO Reporting Pak should be a key part of your toolset.


GPO Reporting Pak is licensed based on the number of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) under management.


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Installation Requirements

GPO Reporting Pak supports installation on Microsoft® Windows 7, 8.x, Server 2008, R2 or Server 2012, F2. You must have the .Net Framework 3.5 & 4.0 and Microsoft® Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) installed on the system where you install the product. PowerShell 3.0 or greater is required to leverage PowerShell functionality.