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SDM GPMC 2.1 Module for Windows 10/11, Server 2012-R2, 2016,2019,2022

(PowerShell v4+)

These cmdlets have been updated for PowerShell 4.0+! They are a superset of what Microsoft provides in their Group Policy module and wrap the functionality around managing Group Policy Objects available within the GPMC, into handy PowerShell cmdlets. The latest version comes with 29 cmdlets for performing GPO management tasks like creating and deleting GPOs, linking them to sites, domains and OUs, modifying GPO and SOM security and backing up, importing and restoring GPOs and reporting on GPO settings. For more information on using these cmdlets, you can use get-help against a given cmdlet in the Module to find syntax and examples. This free set of cmdlets is a great compliment to our commercial Group Policy Automation Engine, which provides a module for modifying the settings within a GPO–something GPMC can’t do!

This utility requires .Net 4.7.2 and above and PowerShell 4.0 or 5.0 to be installed before installation. It also requires GPMC to be installed on the system where the module is installed.