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GPO Version Powershell Cmdlets

The download includes a zip file containing the Module folder for the SDM-GPOVersion cmdlet. This is a 64-bit module for version 4.0+ Powershell. Extract the folder called SDM-GPOVersion from the zip and place it in your PS Module Path (e.g. c:\program files\windowspowershell\modules). The module name is SDM-GPOVersion and the module manifest is signed by SDM Software.

The module comes with 2 cmdlets:

Get-SDMGPOVersion: Retrieves AD & SYSVOL version information for one or more GPOs on a particular DC (similar to GPOTool.exe except for Powershell).

Invoke-SDMTouchGPO: Lets you increment a GPO’s version number to force clients to think something there has been a GPO change.

You can type get-help and then the cmdlet name to get syntax for each cmdlet.

1. .Net Framework 4.5 or greater
2. Windows PowerShell 4.0 or greater