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I’m happy to announce that on January 30th at 9am Pacific Time (GMT-8), SDM Software will be presenting a webinar entitled, “Optimizing Group Policy Design and Performance with SDM Software”. In this webinar, fellow Group Policy MVP Derek Melber¬†and myself will be talking about best practices for Group Policy design to ensure good desktop performance and security. In this webinar, Derek will present a number of tips and tricks around how you can deploy Group Policy to ensure the least impact to your user’s desktops while ensuring they are secure and locked down. SDM Software CTO and Founder, and Group Policy MVP Darren Mar-Elia, will present how you can use SDM Software’s GPO Reporting Pak, including the new GPO Exporter 2.0, to be able to see where your GPO deployment may be lacking and help you streamline and optimize it going forward.

Register for this informative webinar by visiting:

We look forward to seeing you there!

The SDM Software Team