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Last night I had the opportunity to present at the Pacific IT Pros¬†user group meeting in San Francisco. As this blog title indicates, the topic was using PowerShell to manage Group Policy. This is a talk I’ve given before, but I updated it to reflect newer capabilities in the Microsoft GP Module as well as provide some insight into how SDM Software’s PowerShell-enabled free and commercial products can help. I call it the “unholy alliance” because, admittedly, Group Policy is not the first thing most IT admins think of automating when they’re learning PowerShell. Nevertheless, there is a lot you can do to make your Group Policy management easier, more reliable and less error-prone, using PowerShell.

And, at the end of the presentation, I introduce a screenshot for a very cool new tool we’ll be making available soon, that brings together the PowerShell Desired State Configuration and Group Policy worlds in new and horrifying ways :-).

The presentation was recorded and put up on Youtube, so you can catch it here: