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OK, so this is not a ‘new’ story but it is an interesting one. Since the first script kitties were writing viruses that did nefarious things we had ways to ensure we could limit their impact. Redirecting .vbs to notepad was super common. I saw a tweet today from one of the PS-OGs (PowerShell Original Gangsters) in response to a tweet about using GP Preferences to set the default behavior of .js files. It made me think… ‘automation’… why wouldn’t I automate that?

Anyway, I wrote up a quick script to do this with PowerShell. I didn’t spend any time on making this too pretty just the dirty functional stuff. I recorded a quick video walking through this to show it off.

If you already have our Group Policy Automation Engine (GPAE) you can dive right in. If you don’t and are curious download a trial, check out the User Guide and the Object Reference docs that come with the product. Super powerful and a great way to begin stretching some DevOps and PowerShell muscles in the GP Space.

Any-who… enjoy the video and let us know what you think.