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Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I am hard pressed to understand how another year has come and gone. Here at SDM, we have been non-stop busy delivering awesome new Group Policy Management Tools to you, our customers. 2012 marked another banner year for us, where we substantially increased both our customer base and revenues over the previous year, including several new high-profile customers of our GPO Reporting Pak, that I’m personally very proud about!

But, what I’m really excited about is 2013. We have some very cool stuff in the works for the early part of 2013, that will finally help customers get the most out of their Group Policy  environments. And while I won’t spill the beans here yet, let me just say that when it comes to having a total solution for all your GP management needs, SDM Software will be the place to visit. In addition, you can expect that we will continue to improve and add to our great list of freeware utilities, including our GPMC PowerShell cmdlets as well as a range of other cool free tools for doing neat stuff with GP.

Finally, our sister resource site, GPOGUY.COM, which I founded several years before SDM, will be getting a makeover and will have a new integrated experience with the SDM Software website. So whether you’re looking for tips, tricks, FAQs and videos on Group Policy, or freeware utilities for GP management, or commercial products to help you solve those really hard problems, GPOGUY and SDM Software will be here for you!

So, I hope all of you, both our customers and our fans, have a safe and prosperous 2013! And, as always, I encourage all of you to visit our sites and provide us feedback on things we can do better and things you’d like to see from the leader in Group Policy Management!

Thanks for a great 2012!

Darren Mar-Elia

CTO & Founder, SDM Software, Inc!