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Circumventing IE Proxy Policy with…Charms!

An astute reader of this blog brought an interesting scenario to my attention, and I spent some time confirming it. For those of you running Windows 8 (or 8.1) there’s a neat “feature” that allows your users to circumvent controls you put in place for controlling proxy server settings in Internet Explorer. Here’s the scenario. […]

A Couple of Good Windows 8 Issues Around Group Policy

In recent days, I’ve become aware of a couple of interesting “features” around Group Policy in Windows 8. Both were reported by other users and I confirmed their behavior on my own. The first issue, which I would categorize as a bug, is the following. As you probably know, in the version of GPMC that […]

Register for our Group Policy Design Webinar on January 30th– Two Group Policy MVPs Presenting about Group Policy!

I’m happy to announce that on January 30th at 9am Pacific Time (GMT-8), SDM Software will be presenting a webinar entitled, “Optimizing Group Policy Design and Performance with SDM Software”. In this webinar, fellow Group Policy MVP Derek Melber and myself will be talking about best practices for Group Policy design to ensure good desktop performance […]

My TechNet Radio Interview on Group Policy in Server 2012 (and more!)

Just a quick note to let folks know that the interview I gave with TechNet Radio about the changes for Group Policy in Server 2012/Windows 8 is up now at: In the interview, I talk to Microsoft Director Karen Forster about all manner of Group Policy related topics, including what’s new in Server 2012, […]

Gaining Insight Into Group Policy And Desktop Performance

If you’ve followed my blog postings and articles recently,  you know that I’ve been speaking and writing on decisions that you can make in your Group Policy design that impact GP processing performance, and often, perceived desktop performance by the end user. Group Policy has some subtle and not-so-subtle features–such as Client Side Extensions that […]

Doing Remote GP Updates Against OUs Using PowerShell in Windows 8

A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post on the MSDN site, reviewing some of the new Group Policy features in Windows 8/Server 2012. One of those features was a new PowerShell cmdlet in the Group Policy PowerShell module called invoke-gpupdate. This cmdlet, as the name implies, allows you to do a GPUpdate against remote target […]

The Group Policy Client Service in Windows 8

I saw a thread on the Microsoft TechNet forums yesterday that prompted me to write a quick post about this behavior change for the Group Policy client service in Windows 8.  In order to live in a world of new Windows 8 devices that use less power or may be on all the time (e.g. Microsoft […]

What’s New in Group Policy in Server 2012

Hi Folks. Just a quick note to let you know that I just posted a little article on the Microsoft MSDN blog site with a review of the big changes for Group Policy in Windows Server 2012 (and Windows 8). Hopefully it provides some useful insight into what is coming for GP in this new […]

Windows RT and Group Policy — Or Not

As you’ve probably heard, Microsoft new Windows RT (ARM-based) platform will be shipping soon (Microsoft’s own Surface will be the first incarnation of this), along with Windows 8 itself. And while I think Windows 8 will be a good touch platform (don’t ask me about it as a desktop/laptop OS), RT is sort of another […]

Windows 8 Group Policy Settings: Blocking Connected Accounts

Whenever a new Windows OS ships, there’s always the inevitable period of discovery–especially for us Group Policy geeks–where we learn about all the new settings that come in GP, and how or whether we can control new OS features using Group Policy. Such was the case over the weekend when my good friend and fellow MVP […]