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Move Azure VM from One Subnet to Another

I was needing to test something on an unpatched 2008 R2 box and in my Azure lab the subnet that machine was pointed to was all full up! So, how to fix it? Of course PowerShell to the rescue. I wrote up a quick walkthrough of what I did to move the machine. Check it […]

A Peek Inside Registry.pol

Hello everyone! I posted a quick video on polviewer.exe. The tool called ‘Registry.pol Reader’ is a free tool Darren Mar-Elia built to solve a pretty important issue. And because he’s a great guy, there is that! The need for the tool is pretty obvious to those of us who have been managing and troubleshooting Group Policy […]

Group Policy Comment

Do you place ‘comments’ on your GPOs? Did you ever wonder how to manage these, or how they may be useful. I put up a quick post on my blog ( that walks through GP Comments and how to manage them. It points back to SDM Software for deeper solutions with Group Policy Compliance Manager […]

Hello World!

Darren posted a very thoughtful item related to my joining SDM software. It was very nice and made me realize I have a lot of expectations to meet! I’m up for the challenge. I’ve known Darren Mar-Elia for about 13 years or so and have come to know him and how he thinks about software […]

PowerShell and WMI Webinar This Friday!

Hi Folks- Just wanted to drop a quite note to let everyone know that myself (Darren Mar-Elia) and Kevin Sullivan (@kevsully67), Director of Sales Engineering at SpecOps Software are doing a webinar on PowerShell and WMI. If you’ve always wanted to learn about WMI and how you can get to it using PowerShell, this will […]

Ready to Share your Feedback on Group Policy?

Love it or hate it, Group Policy has been a fixture of Windows configuration management for over a decade. As someone who has been intimately involved in both its past and its future, I have had the same mixed relationship with both Group Policy and Microsoft. Here at SDM Software, we make our living by helping […]

Get Your Group Policy Questions Answered by the “GPOGUY”!

Hi folks- Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you all know that we (SDM Software) are putting on a Group Policy Q&A Free-for-All on March 12th, at 9am US Pacific Time (UTC-8). If you’ve got Group Policy questions–come to the webinar and I’ll take one at a time, for most of the […]

Group Policy Settings Reference Available for Windows 8.1

Hey Folks- Just a quick note to let you know that Microsoft just released their settings spreadsheet for Admin Template settings available in Windows 8.1 and Server 2012-R2. This handy Excel doc lets you search for available Admin Template and security settings for the current version of Windows. Just go to: And you’ll see […]

Configuring Event Logs with Group Policy

I was trolling around GP Editor in Windows 8 and found a set of Administrative Template settings that I had not seen before. Interestingly, those setting did indeed exist in Windows 7 (and probably Vista) so it was just me missing them. Prior to those OS releases, if you want to configure Windows Event Logs […]

What’s New in Group Policy in Server 2012

Hi Folks. Just a quick note to let you know that I just posted a little article on the Microsoft MSDN blog site with a review of the big changes for Group Policy in Windows Server 2012 (and Windows 8). Hopefully it provides some useful insight into what is coming for GP in this new […]