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What Does Group Policy Do When It Can’t Contact a DC?

The title of this blog tells it all. I got asked the question–what happens to GP processing when a client machine isn’t on the network and can’t connect to it’s domain Domain Controllers (DCs)? Does policy get removed? Does it just stay where it is? Can I temporarily override policy by editing the local GPO? […]

Take the Group Policy Usage Survey!

All- Over the past few years, I’ve sent out a survey to the general population looking at trends in Group Policy usage. I’ve updated the survey for this year and it is now live and ready for your responses. It should take only about 5 minutes or less to complete, but if you have a […]

“Hip” New Active Directory-Azure AD Conference Coming!

If you‘ve been in the Microsoft infrastructure scene for a while, you probably remember the original NetPro Directory Experts Conference (DEC). DEC was THE conference to be at if you were an AD guy–or looking to improve your skills. Legends in the space like Joe Richards (of fame), Dean Wells (now of Microsoft), Guido […]

Registry Policy Viewer 1.5

Darren took the time to prove to us that even the greatest tools can be improved! Thank you for that. The Registry Policy Viewer that GPOGuy introduced years ago has continued to be a favorite. A few new features have been added and some really interesting usability updates will make this great tool even better. […]

Fun with the Group Policy Automation Engine and Out-GridView

Fans of PowerShell We are all fans right? We have been for a while. PowerShell is one of those things that the more you learn, the more you explore, the more you play, the more you appreciate what it has to offer. Some very simple things can prove to be very exciting. Out-GridView for example. […]

Dealing With The AccountExpires Date in Active Directory – With PowerShell

By┬ánow most of us are aware that Active Directory dates are not the easiest bits of data to deal with. Wrapping our heads around how AD stores and deals with dates is very interesting on an intellectual level, and equally infuriating on a productivity level. Accessing this data from PowerShell is a useful technique to […]

Darren’s 9 Group Policy Principles

Darren Mar-Elia and I spent some time this week with a group of consultants and service providers. These folks come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our goal was to talk about Group Policy, some best practices, and share some of our experiences of a combined almost 50 years of working with Group […]

Find all Registry Settings Managed in a GPO

Group Policy Objects (GPOs) can contain many different kinds of settings. Much of that data is simple registry data. Finding registry settings in GPOs and handling them is not the simplest of tasks and requires some PowerShell. Microsoft has provided some cmdlets for the management of Group Policy and at SDM Software we have provided […]

PowerShell ISE Tip

Just a quick tip. I found this a bit too cool not to share. I was working in the PowerShell ISE building up a demo script for our Group Policy Automation Engine. If you are not familiar with it you should be! Anyway, as I built it up I used some variable names that made […]

Helping with a SQL CE challenge using Here-Strings

While working through a challenge I stumbled through a few interesting items that are worth jotting down. I’ve used both of these constructs before but I had to re-search for some assistance. This created the realization that I need the answers closer at hand, so why not put something up on the SDM Blog. The […]