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If you‘ve been in the Microsoft infrastructure scene for a while, you probably remember the original NetPro Directory Experts Conference (DEC). DEC was THE conference to be at if you were an AD guy–or looking to improve your skills. Legends in the space like Joe Richards (of fame), Dean Wells (now of Microsoft), Guido Grillenmeier, Jorge Almeida de Pinto and of course, the father of DEC, Gil Kirkpatrick, were all there in a casual setting to share their amazing, in-depth knowledge of all things AD. Yours truly also presented Group Policy topics there for a number of years. DEC went the way of the dodo bird some years after Quest Software purchased NetPro, much to the dismay of many of us who loved the collaborative and community-focused spirit of DEC.

Well, I’m very excited to let everyone know that, while DEC has not returned, our good friends at Semperis–makers of some of the most innovative AD state management, disaster recovery and auditing solutions–have created a new Microsoft-focused identity conference for the modern era–The Hybrid Identity Protection Conference (HIP). The HIP conference is happening this coming November 6-7 in New York City! And, if you check out the speaker list, you will find many of the “regulars” that haunted the halls of DEC, including Gil, Jorge, Brian Desmond, Sean Deuby, me (again) and several newcomers, including Sean Metcalf of fame and many more names you will recognize from the AD brain trust!

This is the first attempt at this show, so we’re hoping to bring in a good crowd to re-establish that community feeling we had for many years in past conferences. If you have anything to do with AD, Azure AD or identity in general, I suggest you boogie on over to the website and sign up. It should be a great show and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone there!