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Fans of PowerShell

We are all fans right? We have been for a while. PowerShell is one of those things that the more you learn, the more you explore, the more you play, the more you appreciate what it has to offer. Some very simple things can prove to be very exciting.

Out-GridView for example. Out-GridView is simply taking the output from the shell and presenting it in a grid. A simple table that you can sort, filter, search and more. There is more though. There is a switch with the Out-GridView cmdlet called ‘passthru’ that creates some simple interaction that can be very helpful.

Group Policy Automation Engine

In SDM Software’s Group Policy Automation Engine (GPAE) there are some ‘features’ that sort of sit in the background. For example the Scripting Toolkit that accompanies GPAE not only provides you some examples of how you can build custom tools with GPAE but also provides some very functional functions (see what I did there? <g>) such as Get-GPContainer.

Anyway, check-out this short video on how to use Out-GridView in conjunction with the GPAE. You may pick up a few tips.