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Finding Empty Group Policy Objects

It’s often the case in larger Group Policy environments, that over time you collect so many GPOs, that you no longer know what all of them do or what’s contained within them. If you’re in the process of trying to cleanup or streamline your GPOs, then finding EMPTY GPOs can be a useful exercise. But […]

New Version of SDM Software GPO Compare Ships!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let folks know that we just shipped version 2.6 of GPO Compare! This is an incremental update but it includes some key new features, including support in our GPO Compare PowerShell cmdlet for comparing GPO Exporter snapshots. This enables administrators the ability to automate comparison of GPO settings […]

GPO Exporter 1.6 Ships!

It’s often the case in software that there’s more stuff that you want to do in a product than you have time for in a given release. That was the case with our recent release of GPO Exporter — 1.6. There were a number of things that didn’t make it into 1.5 –principally around our […]

Group Policy Health PowerShell Cmdlet Updated!

Just a quick note that I finally got around to updating our freeware Group Policy Health Cmdlet to add module support for PowerShell v2. Hopefully this makes the cmdlet more discoverable for those of you using it in PowerShell v2 (probably everybody!). The module name is SDM-GPOHealth, so after running the install, just open PowerShell […]

Automating Group Policy Preferences Drive Mapping with PowerShell [VIDEO]

One of the cool things I like about our Group Policy Automation Engine product is the scenarios that it’s open up by providing what is essentially an automation portal into GPOs. One of those key scenarios is the ability to automate additions and changes to Group Policy Preferences Drive Mappings, which is used by organizations […]

Digging Into Group Policy WMI Filters and Managing them through PowerShell

WMI Filters have been available as a mechanism for filtering the effects of Group Policy Objects (GPOs) since Server 2003 & XP shipped. They are a valuable tool in your Group Policy Management arsenal. As the name implies, WMI filters allow you to filter the effects of a GPO based on queries that execute against the WMI […]

Comparing GPOs to a Baseline Using GPO Compare

One of the cool things about our GPO Compare product is it’s support for PowerShell. The product ships with a PowerShell cmdlet called Compare-SDMGPO that lets you compare live and backed-up GPOs–just like the GUI. We can use this capability to automate the comparison of live GPOs to baseline backups. For example, let’s say you have […]

Retrieving GPO Links with PowerShell

Sometimes I’m reminded that, even though Microsoft has been shipping their Group Policy PowerShell module for a while now, it is missing some key functionality. Fortunately, it took someone else asking me a question about how they could script something in PowerShell to realize that our SDM GPMC cmdlets, which have been around since about 2008, […]

Getting Group Policy Counts with PowerShell

Sometimes you want to know how many GPOs you have in a domain. Powershell provides a way to do this quickly and easily. Earlier today I tweeted about the way to do this in Windows 7 or Server 2008-R2, using the Microsoft-provided “GroupPolicy” PowerShell Module. Its as simple as: (Get-GPO -All).Count However, if you are not […]

Performing Bulk GPO Renames

Someone recently asked about the best way to perform bulk GPO renames. Of course, there are probably many reasons why you would want to do this (e.g. moving to a standard naming convention, cleaning up mis-named GPOs, etc.) but for my money, there is one technology that makes this easy–PowerShell! There are (at least) two ways […]