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Group Policy Security Compliance with PowerShell

Last year we shipped the Group Policy Compliance Manager (GPCM) product–our enterprise compliance reporting solution for Group Policy. Today we are releasing a new PowerShell module to go along with GPCM. This module allows for some cool capabilities for searching, reporting on and analyzing the data that GPCM collects. GPCM gathers Group Policy processing health and settings data … Read More.

DevOps and the Cross Platform Windows Group Policy SDK

Group Policy’s Cross Platform History It was the early 2000s. I was at Quest Software–serving as CTO for the Windows management business. A lot of my job in those days involved looking at technologies to acquire. Even at that time, I had been a Group Policy geek for a few years, with some large enterprise deployments … Read More.

PowerShell and DevOps Summit Global Summit 2016 – my week at a glance

What a great week! I have been wanting to attend this summit for years and it just never got on my short priority list. This year was different and to be honest, it took DSC and DevOps to get me there. I love PowerShell, have been a fan for a very long time. Since my … Read More.

Move Azure VM from One Subnet to Another

I was needing to test something on an unpatched 2008 R2 box and in my Azure lab the subnet that machine was pointed to was all full up! So, how to fix it? Of course PowerShell to the rescue. I wrote up a quick walkthrough of what I did to move the machine. Check it … Read More.

Troubleshooting GP Processing tip

Troubleshooting is a bit of an art form. It requires creativity but that creativity needs to be expressed inside certain parameters. Those parameters depend on what is being troubleshot. (Is that really a word?) There is a TechNet article that has been around for quite a while called Troubleshooting Group Policy Using Event Logs and … Read More.

Group Policy Comment

Do you place ‘comments’ on your GPOs? Did you ever wonder how to manage these, or how they may be useful. I put up a quick post on my blog ( that walks through GP Comments and how to manage them. It points back to SDM Software for deeper solutions with Group Policy Compliance Manager … Read More.

PowerShell and WMI Webinar This Friday!

Hi Folks- Just wanted to drop a quite note to let everyone know that myself (Darren Mar-Elia) and Kevin Sullivan (@kevsully67), Director of Sales Engineering at SpecOps Software are doing a webinar on PowerShell and WMI. If you’ve always wanted to learn about WMI and how you can get to it using PowerShell, this will … Read More.

Searching Group Policy Settings

It seems like a logical thing to be able to do–you have a bunch of GPOs and you want to search for settings across them. In fact, it turns out to be a fair bit of work with native tools. It’s true that Microsoft has provided, for a while now, an Azure-based website that provides the … Read More.

Using Group Policy & PowerShell to Mitigate Recent Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Over this last weekend, Microsoft published warnings of yet another zero-day “memory corruption” Internet Explorer vulnerability to all versions of the venerable browser . Since there is no current patch for this yet, IT administrators are left to mitigate against it using a variety of less than ideal workarounds, which are documented here. If you scan this … Read More.

Group Policy Cleanup and GPO Exporter

Group Policy Cleanup and optimization is top-of-mind for many of our customers. One of the key tools for helping customers achieve optimized GPO environments, SDM Software’s GPO Exporter product, just got an update recently. One of the small improvements we added was support for outputting our powerful Group Policy Analysis reports to PowerShell objects. Exporter comes … Read More.