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GPO Compare 2.8 Ships!

Hi folks. Just wanted to drop a quick posting to let folks know that last week, we shipped a minor update to our popular GPO Compare product–version 2.8! This new version included some big and little things to help make GPO comparisons much easier. To review, GPO Compare provides Windows administrators with the ability to […]

New Version of SDM Software GPO Compare Ships!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let folks know that we just shipped version 2.6 of GPO Compare! This is an incremental update but it includes some key new features, including support in our GPO Compare PowerShell cmdlet for comparing GPO Exporter snapshots. This enables administrators the ability to automate comparison of GPO settings […]

GPO Compare 2.5 (New) Demo | Group Policy Management [Video]

Today we released an updated version of our widely used GPO Compare product. The 2.5 release brings some cool new features and improvements over 2.0, including: Ability to now compare up to 4 GPOs or GPO backups, for comparing GPOs or backups against a baseline GPO Support for comparing GPO Exporter Snapshots, to quickly and […]

Comparing GPOs to a Baseline Using GPO Compare

One of the cool things about our GPO Compare product is it’s support for PowerShell. The product ships with a PowerShell cmdlet called Compare-SDMGPO that lets you compare live and backed-up GPOs–just like the GUI. We can use this capability to automate the comparison of live GPOs to baseline backups. For example, let’s say you have […]

Comparing Group Policy (GPO) Settings from PowerShell

One of the cool things we added in the new version of GPO Compare 2.0 was support for a PowerShell interface. GPO Compare 2.0 is all about letting you compare GPO settings across two live or backed up GPOs. The PowerShell interface lets you perform these comparisons in bulk! The product ships with a cmdlet called […]

SDM Software Ships GPO Compare Product for spotting GPO inconsistencies

Today we shipped our new GPO Compare 1.0 product. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while–provide a standalone product to help IT administrators quickly find inconsistencies between GPOs. With GPO Compare, I think we’ve delivered a cool new standalone product with some neat features that you won’t find anywhere else. The first main […]