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New Version of the Group Policy GPMC PowerShell Module

One of the very first freeware projects I undertook when I started SDM Software, was to build a PowerShell snap-in (yes, they were called snap-ins back then) for Group Policy. That was back in 2007, long before Microsoft had their own Group Policy module (<cough> a total ripoff of ours <cough>). Anyway, it’s been several […]

Delegate Group Policy Update in Windows 8.x

When Microsoft shipped Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012, they added a new feature in GPMC, that allows you to perform remote Group Policy Updates on OUs of computers. I covered this feature in my previous roundup of Windows 8.1 Group Policy features. This feature is shown in the figure below: As I was exploring […]

GPMC PowerShell Cmdlets Updated!

Thanks to a thread on our GPOGUY.COM GPTalk Mailing list, I decided it was time to crack open our GPMC PowerShell module and make a couple of updates. The most significant of these is two new cmdlets: Get-SDMGPOOwner Set-SDMGPOOwner As the name implies, these two cmdlets let you retrieve and set the owner id (AD […]

Managing Group Policy in a Windows 8 World

Now that Windows 8 is out (or almost out), the inevitable questions will arise about introducing it into your Group Policy Management world. As with previous versions of Windows, the approach with Windows 8 (and Server 2012) will be similar. Since Windows 8 and Server 2012 will be introducing more new settings into Group Policy, […]

Changes to GroupPolicy RSOP in Windows 8

While much is changing in Windows 8, the changes related to Group Policy are more modest. One of these modest changes is in the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) functionality, exposed through the Group Policy Results Wizard in GPMC. This wizard was always my first “go-to” tool when trying to troubleshoot GP Processing problems, and […]

Retrieving GPO Links with PowerShell

Sometimes I’m reminded that, even though Microsoft has been shipping their Group Policy PowerShell module for a while now, it is missing some key functionality. Fortunately, it took someone else asking me a question about how they could script something in PowerShell to realize that our SDM GPMC cmdlets, which have been around since about 2008, […]

Getting Group Policy Counts with PowerShell

Sometimes you want to know how many GPOs you have in a domain. Powershell provides a way to do this quickly and easily. Earlier today I tweeted about the way to do this in Windows 7 or Server 2008-R2, using the Microsoft-provided “GroupPolicy” PowerShell Module. Its as simple as: (Get-GPO -All).Count However, if you are not […]

MS Releases Hotfix for Software Restriction Policy Reporting Bug

Thanks to reader Ryan Steele for bringing my attention to the fact that MS has released a hotfix to resolve the GPMC reporting bug that was introduced when Win7 and Server 2008, R2 shipped. I had documented this bug in an earlier blog post. Ryan let me know that MS finally issued a hotfix for […]

More on Group Policy Backups and Version Compatibility

GPO Backups and Windows version sensitivity

GPMC Backups from Downlevel Systems

I had a question recently that I thought was worth blogging. The question was, “if I create a GPO using Windows 7, Server 2008 or similar newer platform”, then backup that GPO using XP or Server 2003, will it back up everything?”.  The answer, not surprisingly, is “it depends”. GPMC Backup only backs up the […]