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GPMC Cmdlets Update

Just a quick shout-out to let folks know that I posted an update to our SDM Software GPMC Cmdlets on our freeware page. This is version 1.3 and primarily just fixes some bugs including an issue when you tried to get, add or remove site-based GPO links. Enjoy!   Tags: Group Policy, GPMC, Powershell, SDM […]

Finding and Disabling GPO Links using PowerShell

I had a question come up today about a use case for our GPMC cmdlets and figured it was worth sharing for other’s benefit. Here’s the scenario. I have a GPO who’s name I know. I want to find all the places that its linked and then I want disable all the links for that GPO. And […]

New Version of GPMC PowerShell Cmdlets Released!

Well, we’ve released a new version of our GPMC PowerShell cmdlets–version 1.2. This new version represents a significant updgrade to the existing cmdlets. The biggest change is that we incorporated new functionality that became available in the version of GPMC that shipped with Vista, SP1 and Windows Server 2008. As a result of those significant GPMC […]

“I installed RSAT…where is GPMC?”

I’ve heard this question often enough since the Remote Server Administration Tools shipped that I thought it was worth blogging about it. After you install RSAT on your Vista, SP1 machine, you won’t find GPMC installed right away. You’ll need to go into the Control Panel, Programs and Features applet to enable it. Once in […]

Group Policy Delegation

The other day I got a question about one of our free GPMC PowerShell cmdlets–namely, the Add-SDMgpoSecurity that lets you modify GPO security. One of the permissions that you can grant using the cmdlet is the GPO creation permission–which controls who can create GPOs in the domain. This particular questioner was wondering why they were […]

GPMC report errors related to IE Maintenance

There been a long-standing issue, ever since IE 7 was introduced, related to GPMC and the use of IE Maintenance Policy. Specifically, if you defined zone security in IE Maintenance policy from a machine running IE 7, and then tried to view a settings report on that GPO from GPMC running on  Vista or XP (and presumably also 2003), […]

Update to GPMC Cmdlets!

Well, we’ve updated our free SDM Software GPMC PowerShell cmdlets (registration optional)! We are now up to 16 cmdlets! Cool. Here’s what we’ve added: Added the –DomainName parameter to all cmdlets as appropriate to allow you to perform operations against domains other than the one the cmdlets run in Added  4 new cmdlets, including:   Import-SDMgpo: […]

The Clash of the GPO Links

Someone emailed a question to the GPOGUY GPTalk mailing list today that I thought was worth chatting about. The question pertained to disappearing Group Policy links. Namely, he had a situation where links to GPOs would periodically disappear from Active Directory containers. I thought this was interesting as it brings up one of the poor design […]

PowerShell Script for Backing up and editing a GPO

This is the 2nd in an irregular series of discussions about using SDM Software PowerShell cmdlets for managing Group Policy. In this post, I’ve written a fairly simple PowerShell script that uses two of our free GPMC cmdlets to first backup a GPO, and then launch the GP Editor on that GPO. This can be a […]

SDM Software GPMC cmdlets updated

Well, I suppose I couldn’t help myself. I had planned on updating our cmdlets released last week to correct an omission that Richard Siddaway had kindly pointed out, namely that I didn’t have a remove-sdmgplink to go along with add-sdmgplink. So I went ahead and corrected that. I also committed a small sin by renaming one […]