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Thanks to a thread on our GPOGUY.COM GPTalk Mailing list, I decided it was time to crack open our GPMC PowerShell module and make a couple of updates. The most significant of these is two new cmdlets:



As the name implies, these two cmdlets let you retrieve and set the owner id (AD user or group) on a GPO. This is not something that is exposed in either the previous version of our GPMC cmdlets nor in the Microsoft GP module, so I decided to add it to our list of capabilities. In addition, we did a few other fixes and changes to the existing cmdlets, including adding the option for every cmdlet that references a GPO, to specify either the GPO’s friendly name or its GUID. To take avantage of the two new cmdlets, the syntax is pretty straightforward (and we have get-help populated for these two cmdlets as well). To retrieve the owner of a GPO:

Get-SDMGPOOwner -Name "Default Domain Policy"

And to set the owner to a new user or group:

Set-SDMGPOOwner -Name "Desktop Lockdown Policy" -Owner "cpandl\GPO Admins"

It’s as simple as that! The new version number for these cmdlets is 1.5. This new version is currently only available as an x64 module, running on Windows 7/2008-R2. We will update this with additional versions as requested. You can download them by visiting our Freeware page and registering for the download. There, you will also find all the previous versions availalbe for download as well!