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Managing ADMX Files in a Windows 10 World

Microsoft has recently put out several articles¬†explaining some of the nuances of ADMX files in the new world of Windows-as-a-Service–where new Windows builds come out frequently and often ship with new versions of ADMX templates. I’ve blogged previously¬†about the role of ADMX–how is essentially builds the UI that you see under Administrative Templates policy within […]

Administrative Template files for Office 2016 Now Available

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let folks know that Microsoft has made the ADMX files for Office 2016 available for download! As always when you get a new set of ADMX files, you can deploy them for use by either copying them up to your PolicyDefinitions folder within the Central Store (i.e. […]

MS makes Office 2007 ADMXs available (finally)

Microsoft has finally shipped some ADMX template files for configuring Office 2007! They are available here. That’s good news–now you can use the new template format to customize Office 2007 deployments in your Vista environments without dragging around ADM files in every GPO. As you may know, one of the downsides of the old ADM […]