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Just wanted to drop a quick note to let folks know that Microsoft has made the ADMX files for Office 2016 available for download!

As always when you get a new set of ADMX files, you can deploy them for use by either copying them up to your PolicyDefinitions folder within the Central Store (i.e. on SYSVOL on your DCs), or, if you are not using the Central Store, into c:\windows\policydefinitions on the machine that you use to edit GPOs. Also, just a reminder that the ADMX files get copied into the root of PolicyDefinitions, while the corresponding ADML files get copied into the language-specific subfolder (e.g. en-us) under the PolicyDefinitions folder. There should always be a 1-1 correspondence between ADMX and ADML files that you have in those folders. If not, you’ll get errors when you edit your GPOs.