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Since we introduced the GPExpert Desktop Policy Manager last week, there’s been some nice press coverage, including this article from Windows IT Pro, and this one from Network World. I’m very excited about this product. As someone said to me recently, "this product could change the way folks use Group Policy to configure their Windows systems". Obviously, that is my hope, but the bottom line is that Group Policy can and should be easier to manage and that is the goal of Desktop Policy Manager. When I was at TechMentor last week, I showed a lot of folks the product. Universally, the response was the proverbially lightbulb going on when I showed them how easy it could be to set policy settings for their desktops. The bottom line is that Group Policy is awesome and powerful technology, and it should be easy to use as well! To that end, I look forward to this product becoming THE way folks use GP down the line.



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