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My friends at SpecOps are getting ready to release one updated and one new product that continues to make Group Policy a more powerful solution for managing Windows desktops and servers. They are getting ready to release an update to their free GPUpdate tool, which snaps into AD Users and Computers to provide features such as remote GP refresh, Wake-on-Lan support and more. The new version adds enhancements and new features, as well as provides a new commercial product option called Remote Admin. Described here, the new features in this excellent free tool include support for forcing a remote WSUS update, the ability to view the PowerShell code behind a command and support for Server 2008. The new Remote Admin product will let you perform a number of remote administration tasks right from within AD Users and Computers, including the ability to remote edit the registry, launch remote desktop or run an executable remotely against a system.

The second piece of new news is an update to their very cool SpecOps Deploy product. If you haven’t seen Deploy, its an extension to Group Policy that provides a full-featured software distribution system using the power of GP. The newly announced product, called SpecOps Virtual Deploy, extends the Deploy product to give you the ability to deploy Microsoft Softgrid (aka App-V) virtual application packages. So if you’re a Softgrid user, this is the product for you!



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