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Well, for those of you out there who are Microsoft MVPs, you know that getting that email announcing that you’ve been renewed for another year is a good feeling. Since my MVP status expires on the year end, I usually get my notice on January 1st, which is a good way to start the year. Yesterday was no exception and for the 5th year in a row, I’m proud to be a Microsoft MVP for Group Policy. Given that the MVP status is all about community and helping folks with Microsoft technology, I think its useful to point out some of the many resources that are available for folks to get help with Group Policy. This list is by no means complete but here goes:

The Microsoft Newsgroups: & Microsoft.public.windows2000.group_policy

The Microsoft GP Wiki:

Our GPOGUY.Com GPTalk Mailling List: This is a list with over 300 members that we provide through GPOGUY.COM to offer assistance with GP. You can subscribe at

Mark Minasi’s Forum: Mark maintains a great multi-topic forum (GP included) where you can find help on any number of issues at Community: Jeremy Moskowitz, a fellow GP MVP, provides a bulletin board on his site at where folks can ask questions on all manner of GP topics.

The ActiveDir.Org Mailling List: One of the best Active Directory mailling lists around is also a place to ask GP questions–lots of smart folks on this list to help with real-world problems. Join up at

If you’ve got GP questions, the good news is that there is no shortage of great, free resources out there to help!


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