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Well, I received the always welcome email yesterday indicating that my Group Policy MVP status has been renewed. Its an honor to receive this status, though I have to admit that it was touch and go as yesterday dragged on with no notification, until I realized that the renewal email was trapped in my spam folder! One day spam filters will really work, and I look forward to that with much anticipation.

In any case, it is definitely a wecome piece of news that recognizes contributions we make to the community. The best perk for me is the annual MVP Summit– this year happening in early March. Its at the Summit where we get to spend quality time with the Group Policy product group, hearing about what is in store for the new releases and providing input into future versions of Group Policy. If you have ideas or feedback about what things you’d like to see improved or fixed in GP, feel free to comment on this blog or contact me through either SDM Software or GPOGUY.COM, and I will make sure I feed those into the product group meetings.

And before I forget, Happy New Year to everyone. 2008 was challenging on many levels and so I’m hopeful that 2009 will to be not as "interesting" as some are predicting, or at least, that we have seen the worst and that we are on the uphill slope!



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