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The guys over at BeyondTrust have come out with a cool new (and free) tool for helping folks get to "least privileged use" (i.e., users are not admins on their workstations) on Windows more quickly. This product is a nice compliment to their Privilege Manager Group Policy extension for allowing elevation based on white lists of applications. Essentially the new product, called BeyondTrust Application Rights Auditor, lets you audit application usage on your Windows desktops to determine which applications will require administrative elevation to function properly. Using such a tool, you can more quickly make adjustments to your Windows system security, or use a product like Privilege Manager, to get to a point where you can remove administrator access on your systems. This is a great tool to have and very cool that they are making it available for free.



BeyondTrust, Privilege Manager, Application Rights Auditor, Group Policy