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PowerShell and WMI Webinar This Friday!

Hi Folks- Just wanted to drop a quite note to let everyone know that myself (Darren Mar-Elia) and Kevin Sullivan (@kevsully67), Director of Sales Engineering at SpecOps Software are doing a webinar on PowerShell and WMI. If you’ve always wanted to learn about WMI and how you can get to it using PowerShell, this will … Read More.

WMI Filter Test Utility Updated to Include timings

Just a quick note before the weekend starts to let folks know I updated the GPOGUY.COM WMI Filter Test Utility to include timing information (see below). Specifically, this lets you see how long a given WMI filter took to evaluate on the target system, so you can see roughly how long it will take to … Read More.

Why Win32_Product is Bad News!

This entry isn’t strictly related to Group Policy, but something I came across in that context a few days ago. There is a WMI class called Win32_Product. Querying this class lets you enumerate all installed MSIĀ applications on a given system. This might sound useful for, say, a Group Policy WMI filter. You might be tempted … Read More.