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WARNING: Installing IE 10 on your Windows 7 Workstation Removes IE Maintenance Policy from Group Policy

Thanks to fellow Group Policy MVP  Alan Burchill for warning about this–apparently if you install Internet Explorer 10 on your Windows 7 workstation, and you also happen to manage Group Policy from that machine, the IE 10 installation removes the option to edit IE Maintenance policy from that machine completely. I even confirmed that the MMC […]

Win7 issue reporting on Software Restriction Policies

I found this issue recently–at first I thought it was just my environment, but have confirmed it on a couple of different environments. When you are on a Win 7 box (and probably R2 as well), in GPMC and viewing the setttings of a GPO that had previously been created and contains software restriction policies, […]

Intro to Win 7 GP PowerShell Cmdlets

I previously blogged about how Microsoft is going to deliver some PowerShell cmdlets in Windows 7 for Group Policy. Now that Windows 7 beta is out, information is starting to flow about what these will look like. A recent blog post by the GP product team at Microsoft introduces the first of these new cmdlets  — […]