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Troubleshooting GP Processing tip

Troubleshooting is a bit of an art form. It requires creativity but that creativity needs to be expressed inside certain parameters. Those parameters depend on what is being troubleshot. (Is that really a word?) There is a TechNet article that has been around for quite a while called Troubleshooting Group Policy Using Event Logs and […]

Detecting Group Policy Changes and Drift Using SDM Software’s Reporting Pak

In this video, SDM Software ( CTO & Founder Darren Mar-Elia shows how you can use the GPO Reporting Pak–composed of GPO Compare and Exporter, to detect changes within a

Expensive Group Policy Preferences Item-Level Targeting

In my previous blog post, I wrote about some new reporting we’ll be providing in version 2.0 of our GPO Exporter product. One of the reports in that new version identifies GPOs that contain “expensive” Group Policy Preferences Item-Level Targeting (ILT). What do I mean by “expensive”? Specifically, this refers to ILTs that can result […]

Gaining Insight Into Group Policy And Desktop Performance

If you’ve followed my blog postings and articles recently,  you know that I’ve been speaking and writing on decisions that you can make in your Group Policy design that impact GP processing performance, and often, perceived desktop performance by the end user. Group Policy has some subtle and not-so-subtle features–such as Client Side Extensions that […]

New Version of SDM Software GPO Compare Ships!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let folks know that we just shipped version 2.6 of GPO Compare! This is an incremental update but it includes some key new features, including support in our GPO Compare PowerShell cmdlet for comparing GPO Exporter snapshots. This enables administrators the ability to automate comparison of GPO settings […]

The Return of Group Policy Health Reporter!

Way back in 2006 when I started SDM Software as THE Group Policy solutions company, our first product release was a little GUI utility called GP Health Reporter. We stopped selling it a few years back but I decided to bring it back as freeware, and am happy to announce that it’s now available on […]

Where Are My Group Policy Settings?

One of the challenges any reasonable-sized IT shop has around Group Policy is the need to be able to find and discover all the settings that have been deployed. Something as simple as searching for one or more settings across all settings is pretty tough to do in the native tools, let alone being able […]

New Video on Combating GroupPolicy Sprawl Using GPO Exporter

This video describes the concept of “GPO Sprawl”, how it impacts you and how you can help clean up your Group Policy environment using GPO Exporter 1.5.

Automating Group Policy Preferences Drive Mapping with PowerShell [VIDEO]

One of the cool things I like about our Group Policy Automation Engine product is the scenarios that it’s open up by providing what is essentially an automation portal into GPOs. One of those key scenarios is the ability to automate additions and changes to Group Policy Preferences Drive Mappings, which is used by organizations […]

New Group Policy Freeware Utility Finds GPOs with Deny ACE

One of the challenges of the GPMC’s reporting is that it is not easy to find GPOs that have had Deny ACEs (Access Control Entries) set on their delegation. Deny ACEs are typically used to deny a particular user, computer or group from applying a GPO. I always recommend that they’re used on an exception […]