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Group Policy Preferences in the Local GPO? Yes!

If you caught the webinar last week that Kevin Sullivan and I presented, you might have caught the “secret tip” I presented at the end of the show (you can catch the whole webinar recording here). In there, I promised to more fully document this tip, so I’m doing that to let everyone experience the […]

Group Policy Preferences and Environment Variables

One of the cool features within Group Policy Preferences, is the ability to use environment variables instead of static values, within any number of policy areas. For example, you can use the Files GP Preferences area to copy files from one location to another. In that policy, you specify a source and destination for the […]

Cleaning Group Policy When Removing a Machine from the Domain

A recent thread on Mark Minasi’s forum site┬áreminded me of a topic that comes up every once in a while–namely, how do you cleanly remove Group Policy settings from a machine that has been removed from an AD domain. The answer is to avoid the problem in the first place :). The challenge here is […]