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Updates to Group Policy Automation Engine and Group Policy Compliance Manager!

As the year draws to a close, we are busy here at SDM Software putting the wraps on updates to existing products. Today I wanted to announce two product updates that are getting ready to ship: Group Policy Automation Engine 4.1: This update to our venerable PowerShell-based Group Policy “SDK” includes some holiday treats, including […]

DevOps and the Cross Platform Windows Group Policy SDK

Group Policy’s Cross Platform History It was the early¬†2000s. I was at Quest Software–serving as CTO for the Windows management business. A lot of my job in those days involved looking at technologies to acquire. Even at that time, I had been a Group Policy geek for a few years, with some large enterprise deployments […]

Using Group Policy & PowerShell to Mitigate Recent Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Over this last weekend, Microsoft published warnings of yet another zero-day “memory corruption” Internet Explorer¬†vulnerability to all versions of the venerable browser¬†. Since there is no current patch for this yet, IT administrators are left to mitigate against it using a variety of less than ideal workarounds, which are documented here. If you scan this […]

Automating Group Policy Preferences Drive Mapping with PowerShell [VIDEO]

One of the cool things I like about our Group Policy Automation Engine product is the scenarios that it’s open up by providing what is essentially an automation portal into GPOs. One of those key scenarios is the ability to automate additions and changes to Group Policy Preferences Drive Mappings, which is used by organizations […]

Vote for SDM Software’s GPExpert Group Policy Automation Engine!!!

OK folks, our Group Policy Automation Engine (GPAE), the only automation solution available on the market for reading and writing settings within GPOs, is one of the finalists in the Windows IT Pro Magazine Community Choice Awards, in the "Best AD and GP Product" category! We obviously think that the innovative nature of our product […]

Automating GP Preferences

In a recent posting on the mailing list, I happened to mention that we’re getting ready to release v. 2.0 of our GPExpert(r) Scripting Toolkit. The Toolkit is actually getting a new name, but I won’t spoil the surprise for now. However, the key feature we’ve added to it is support for the new […]