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New Version of the Group Policy GPMC PowerShell Module

One of the very first freeware projects I undertook when I started SDM Software, was to build a PowerShell snap-in (yes, they were called snap-ins back then) for Group Policy. That was back in 2007, long before Microsoft had their own Group Policy module (<cough> a total ripoff of ours <cough>). Anyway, it’s been several […]

SDM Software and the “GPOGUY” at Microsoft Ignite

Hi Folks- Just a quick heads up–there’s a lot going on in the next two weeks in Microsoft-land. This week is the developer-oriented Microsoft Build conference in San Francisco, where a lot of new announcements are expected. Following close on the heels of that, is the re-jiggered TechEd conference–now called Ignite¬†– the IT Pro-oriented conference […]

Interesting Change to Group Policy in Server 2012/Windows 8

Fellow Group Policy MVP Alan Burchill¬†brought this topic up on our GP MVP mailing list and I had to look into it. He pointed out that in the release candidate for Server 2012/Windows 8, the IE Maintenance Policy node can no longer be found within GP Editor, as shown below: Now, if you’ve followed my […]

MVP for Another Year…

Well, I received the always welcome email yesterday indicating that my Group Policy MVP status has been renewed. Its an honor to receive this status, though I have to admit that it was touch and go as yesterday dragged on with no notification, until I realized that the renewal email was trapped in my spam […]

Whitepaper on Group Policy Preferences

I’ve seen a lot of interest in Group Policy Preferences since its release, and a lot of confusion about whether you can use it if you don’t have Windows Server 2008 in your environment (you can!) so I thought it would be useful to create a quick whitepaper on the basic requirements for this feature, […]

Article about PowerShell, GP and the GPExpert Scripting Toolkit

Jeff Hicks, scripting-guy extraordinaire at scripting solutions vendor Sapien, wrote a nice article on the Redmond Magazine website about scripting Group Policy with PowerShell. He specifically talks about our free GPOGUY PowerShell cmdlets and how you can use them to perform basic GP administratiion tasks, and then goes on to mention the GPExpert Scripting Toolkit for using […]

New GP PowerShell cmdlet

Well, I’ve created a new PowerShell cmdlet to go along with my get-SDMgpo cmdlet. Its called new-SDMgpo, and its purpose in life is to let you use PowerShell to create new GPOs. As with the previous cmdlet I created, it requires GPMC to be installed where it runs since it leverages the GPMC APIs. You […]

New Group Policy PowerShell Cmdlet

Well, I took a crack at writing a PowerShell cmdlet and of course started with a Group Policy related one. Its called get-SDMgpo and basically lets you list out one or all GPOs in an AD domain, along with some properties related to them–like GUID, DN, version and of course, Friendly Name. You can download the […]


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