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Locating Those Nasty Passwords in Group Policy Preferences Using PowerShell

If you haven’t already seen it, it’s now been widely documented that the feature within GP Preferences Group Policy that allows you to store passwords within a GPO for a variety of uses, is essentially not secure. If you haven’t read one of these posts, please do and familiarize yourself with the issue: […]

GP Preferences for Internet Explorer 11

With IE 11 now generally available for Windows 7 and newer versions, the obvious question is, how do I manage IE 11 configuration using Group Policy? Of course, now that IE Maintenance Policy has been deprecated, your choices for managing IE using GP include either the Admin Template settings (inetres.admx) that come with the version […]

Microsoft Guidance on IE Maintenance GroupPolicy Removal in Windows 8

As I blogged a few days back, Microsoft has deprecated (or removed) IE Maintenance Policy in Windows 8/Server 2012. And while I think this is a generally good thing, some folks may be wondering how they’re going to configure IE going forward. Well, Microsoft has published some preliminary documentation¬†with guidance on how to get at […]

Disabling Print Screen through Group Policy

Recently someone asked if it was possible to disable the print screen functionality on their keyboard through Group Policy. My initial response was that I had never seen a policy setting to do this, and indeed I figured that you would need to do some low level trapping of keyboard commands to make this work. […]