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Group Policy has been a bit of a comfort for many of us for the past 15 years. It is a technology that is full of promise and capability. It is sufficiently complex, and incredibly powerful. As PowerShell has evolved to embrace configuration with Desired State Configuration we need to keep, update ourselves, and stay in front of the curve. Thursday 12/10/2015, we will rerun a webinar that covers this topic.

This is actually quite a popular topic it appears. We delivered the first run of this webinar a couple of weeks ago. We had an incredible response and an amazing number of people showed up. We received some very good feedback and some good suggestions. A few adjustments, some tweaks, some flow updates and we’re ready to run this again. We made our initial announcement Monday morning and already have quite a response.

Come join myself and Darren Mar-Elia, our illustrious founder and CTO! as we talk about DSC in the context of Group Policy. Where is configuration going and what skills do we need develop to get there? This is going to be a great discussion and we will record it so those of you unable to make can watch later. The intent of this webinar is not to teach everything, it should simply introduce some topics and some concepts and figure out what you need to figure out.

We’d love to see you there. Use this link to register (Webinar Registration).

I hope to see you there!