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Way back in 2006 when I started SDM Software as THE Group Policy solutions company, our first product release was a little GUI utility called GP Health Reporter. We stopped selling it a few years back but I decided to bring it back as freeware, and am happy to announce that it’s now available on our Freeware page for download! The GP Health Reporter is like a GUI version of our popular Group Policy PowerShell health cmdlet, in that it returns lots of great detail about how GP processing is working on a remote system. As you can see from the screenshot below, not only does it return useful info like which DC processed GP, or whether loopback is enabled on the client, but it also returns unique information you won’t find anywhere else, like whether the last processing cycle was run synchronously or asynchronously, and which way the next processing cycle will run!

Group Policy Health Reporter 1.8 Freeware

In addition to that information, it reports on the GPOs that apply to a given computer and the currently logged on user, as well as which CSEs procesed and whether they succeeded. It returns a quick red or green status as well, letting you know right away if there are possible problems on the remote client. Finally, you can do all kinds of nifty other things from it, like trigger a remote GP refresh against the client you’re targeting, or get a RSOP report or a GPO settings report from right within the tool.

I hope you find many good uses for this new freeware utility and let us know if you have any suggestions for making it better!