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Many of you probably know who Mark Minasi is. Mark’s been writing and speaking on Windows for a very long time. Mark is a good friend as well and a really good guy. He maintains a very active Forum, on which I moderate the Group Policy section. If you haven’t checked out his forum, I highly suggest it. There are a ton of smart people who lurk there and you’ll find sections for just about any technology you can imagine.

For the past two years, Mark has hosted the Minasi Forum Meeting on the East coast of the US. Think of it as a micro-TechEd. Its an opportunity for forum members to meet each other face-to-face and for some of the experts on the forum to teach classes to other members. Its a great opportunity for some serious technical training in an atmosphere that much more personal than what you find at conferences with thousands of people. I went this year and really enjoyed myself. Well, they’re doing it again next year and if you’re interested, I highly recommend you visit the forum meeting site and check it out. There is a registration fee but I think its some of the best conference money you will spend. The site is at :