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Well, I’m back from TechEd and settling back into the work groove. If you weren’t there, well I’m here to tell you that TechEd is one BIG show. I heard numbers of people ranging from 12,000 to 13,000. The Orlando Convention Center redefines big as well. I’m told it can hold 120,000 conference goers. Although I think this year they seemed to be a little smarter about organizing things, because it seemed like I wasn’t walking so much. However, I was standing…a lot! SDM Software was exhibiting with our partner Special Operations Software, in its booth:

 SDM Software at TechEd

 So I was there on the exhibit floor 4-5 hours each day showing off the new GPExpert Troubleshooting Pak for Group Policy troubleshooting, as well as giving folks sneak peaks of the upcoming GPExpert Scripting Toolkit. The Scripting Toolkit is something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I’ve been playing with GP, and that’s a long time. What it is a scripting (PowerShell or VBScript) interface into Group Policy settings. Using the Scripting Toolkit, you’ll be able to finally automate the creation and modification of GP settings within GPOs! Keep an eye out on the website for the Toolkit, or if you’re interested in beta testing it, send an email to gpexpert (at) sdmsoftware dot com.

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