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Darren took the time to prove to us that even the greatest tools can be improved! Thank you for that. The Registry Policy Viewer that GPOGuy introduced years ago has continued to be a favorite. A few new features have been added and some really interesting usability updates will make this great tool even better.

For those new to the tool, the Registry Policy Viewer allows you to look inside a Registry.pol file to see what data is being communicated via a specific GPO. It is a great troubleshooting tool when you are experiencing GP anomalies and possible GPO corruptions.  Simple to use, simple to setup and helps solve complex problems, it is a must have for any IT person dealing with GPO management.

Check out this quick video as I walk through the update and highlight some of my favorite features.

As always, please let us know what you think and if there are areas you would like us to explore.