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How Much Group Policy Lockdown is Too Much Lockdown?

I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase, “when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. Sometimes Group Policy can be this way. I’ve been doing Group Policy now, for, well…a long time. Before that, I was an early aficionado of System Policy in NT 4.0 and the erstwhile Zero Admin Toolkit (ZAK). Through 20+ […]

Getting Control of Group Policy with SDM Software and GPO Exporter

Folks- I’ve been wanting to record a video for a while now, where I talk about some specific examples of how our GPO Exporter product can really help customers get a handle on their Group Policy environments. In this new video I talk about the challenges administrators face with respect to Group Policy, and then […]

Consolidating & Cleaning Up Group Policy — Best Practices

A fair bit of what we do here at SDM Software is helping folks get a handle on their Group Policy environments. Using products such as our GPO Reporting Pak, we’ve had lots of customers clean up and reduce the clutter (not to mention improve desktop performance) of their Windows desktop environments. We also do […]

Slow Boot/Slow Logon, Group Policy and SDM Software

Just a quick note to let folks know that, in case you missed it, the Group Policy product team at Microsoft posted a nice blog entry discussing Group Policy design decisions that can impact Windows boot and logon times. And, most cool for us, they referenced our whitepaper and GPO Exporter product, and it’s free set […]

Need Help With Your Group Policy Consolidations and Redesigns?

Just a quick note to let folks know that we’ve recently added a new Services offering to our extensive offering of Group Policy Management capabilities. So if you are looking at optimizing, consolidating or migrating your Group Policy environment, or need help with a new Group Policy design, we not only provide the products that […]

Group Policy Design Webinar this Wednesday!

Don’t forget to register for our upcoming Group Policy design webinar this Wednesday, January 30th, at 9am Pacific Time (GMT-8). Details at the link below, but here is a quick synopsis: Title Optimizing Group Policy Design and Performance with SDM Software Description In this Webinar, Group Policy MVP Derek Melber and MVP and CTO & […]

GPO Exporter 2.0 Released!

Today I’m happy to announce that SDM Software has released our 2.0 version of GPO Exporter! I’m really excited about this release because I think it represents a new milestone in an organization’s ability to get insight and add manageability to Group Policy as a configuration management tool for Windows. As I had blogged previously, […]

My TechNet Radio Interview on Group Policy in Server 2012 (and more!)

Just a quick note to let folks know that the interview I gave with TechNet Radio about the changes for Group Policy in Server 2012/Windows 8 is up now at: In the interview, I talk to Microsoft Director Karen Forster about all manner of Group Policy related topics, including what’s new in Server 2012, […]

New Article Posted on “Best Practices for Group Policy Design”

Just a quick FYI to let folks know that my latest article for Windows IT Pro Magazine is now posted on their website. In this article, I cover some of the fundamental issues around AD design as it relates to Group Policy, as well as talk about performance-related issues as they pertain to your GPOs. Check […]