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New Version of the Group Policy GPMC PowerShell Module

One of the very first freeware projects I undertook when I started SDM Software, was to build a PowerShell snap-in (yes, they were called snap-ins back then) for Group Policy. That was back in 2007, long before Microsoft had their own Group Policy module (<cough> a total ripoff of ours <cough>). Anyway, it’s been several […]

Registry Policy Viewer 1.5

Darren took the time to prove to us that even the greatest tools can be improved! Thank you for that. The Registry Policy Viewer that GPOGuy introduced years ago has continued to be a favorite. A few new features have been added and some really interesting usability updates will make this great tool even better. […]

Updated Group Policy Health Reporter

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone made it safely through the holidays. To start off 2017, we’ve been working to update some of our existing freeware tools. The first beneficiary of that work is our Group Policy Health Reporter utility, now at version 1.9 (see screenshot):             This new […]

Find all Registry Settings Managed in a GPO

Group Policy Objects (GPOs) can contain many different kinds of settings. Much of that data is simple registry data. Finding registry settings in GPOs and handling them is not the simplest of tasks and requires some PowerShell. Microsoft has provided some cmdlets for the management of Group Policy and at SDM Software we have provided […]

Using GPUpdate /Sync to Your Benefit [VIDEO]

In a previous blog posting, I talked about the gpupdate command-line utility for forcing a GP refresh on a local system. I briefly mentioned the /sync parameter, which doesn’t actually do a GP refresh at all, but instead, just marks the next foreground GP refresh (either a machine restart or user logon) cycle as “Synchronous”. […]

Retrieve Group Policy Processing Times Remotely

Sometimes I’ve been doing this Group Policy thing for so long, that I forget some of the things I’ve done in the past. Today, I got another reminder of this when someone asked how they could find out how long Group Policy processing was taking on a remote system. Of course, there are ways, especially […]

The Return of Group Policy Health Reporter!

Way back in 2006 when I started SDM Software as THE Group Policy solutions company, our first product release was a little GUI utility called GP Health Reporter. We stopped selling it a few years back but I decided to bring it back as freeware, and am happy to announce that it’s now available on […]