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Don’t Like How they broke GP-based Deployment of Office 2007?

If you are one of the many IT administrators I’ve talked to that doesn’t like how Microsoft essentially broke Group Policy Software Installation-based deployment of Office when they released Office 2007, here’s how you can provide feedback to Microsoft. I just noticed a blog posting from someone on the Office Resource Kit team with the title, […]

MS makes Office 2007 ADMXs available (finally)

Microsoft has finally shipped some ADMX template files for configuring Office 2007! They are available here. That’s good news–now you can use the new template format to customize Office 2007 deployments in your Vista environments without dragging around ADM files in every GPO. As you may know, one of the downsides of the old ADM […]

A better way to deploy Office 2007 with Group Policy?

Since I’ve been blogging fairly regularly about the problems using GP to deploy Office 2007, and in fact even wrote about it in this month’s Windows IT Pro Magazine, it was no surprise that I heard recently from my good friends at Special Operations Software. They reminded me that if you really want to use […]