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Group Policy Preferences in the Local GPO? Yes!

If you caught the webinar last week that Kevin Sullivan and I presented, you might have caught the “secret tip” I presented at the end of the show (you can catch the whole webinar recording here). In there, I promised to more fully document this tip, so I’m doing that to let everyone experience the […]

Group Policy Preferences Passwords Bite the Dust!

For those of you following this issue, which I blogged about previously, you’ll know that several areas within Group Policy Preferences allowed for defining of passwords that were stored with the GPO settings storage in SYSVOL. These passwords were stored using an encryption method that was published publically by Microsoft (and had been for several […]

Group Policy Preferences and Environment Variables

One of the cool features within Group Policy Preferences, is the ability to use environment variables instead of static values, within any number of policy areas. For example, you can use the Files GP Preferences area to copy files from one location to another. In that policy, you specify a source and destination for the […]

Expensive Group Policy Preferences Item-Level Targeting

In my previous blog post, I wrote about some new reporting we’ll be providing in version 2.0 of our GPO Exporter product. One of the reports in that new version identifies GPOs that contain “expensive” Group Policy Preferences Item-Level Targeting (ILT). What do I mean by “expensive”? Specifically, this refers to ILTs that can result […]

Using Group Policy to Manage the Internet Explorer Popup Blocker Allow List

A recent thread on the GPOGUY.COM GPTalk Mailing list prompted me to write about managing IE settings using Group Policy. In an article I wrote¬†for Windows IT Pro Magazine in 2011, I talked about the various technologies in Group Policy that you can use to manage IE configuration. It’s definitely a mixed bag, with no […]

Using GP Preferences to protect against the zero-day shortcut vulnerability

Microsoft recently announced a new security vulnerability in Windows shortcuts that affects all versions of Windows since XP! Its references here: This particular vulnerability takes advantage of the icon that appears in shortcut (.lnk and .pif) files on Windows. Within the article cited above, Microsoft provides a “FixIt” workaround for the problem that essentially […]

Microsoft releases PolicyMaker to GP Preferences Migration Tool

For those of you waiting patiently to migrate your PolicyMaker settings to the new GP Preferences format, your wait is over! You can now download the migration tool here! And here’s a good blog post on how it all works.   Darren Tags: Group Policy, Group Policy Preferences, PolicyMaker

Automating GP Preferences

In a recent posting on the mailing list, I happened to mention that we’re getting ready to release v. 2.0 of our GPExpert(r) Scripting Toolkit. The Toolkit is actually getting a new name, but I won’t spoil the surprise for now. However, the key feature we’ve added to it is support for the new […]

Group Policy Preferences and the Registry

So, the other day I was trading some email with a friend and mentioned that I was working on a nifty little utility to allow someone to import the contents of a .reg file into Group Policy Preferences registry extensions using the command-line. He commented that it sounded interesting but that the GP Preferences UI […]

Whitepaper on Group Policy Preferences

I’ve seen a lot of interest in Group Policy Preferences since its release, and a lot of confusion about whether you can use it if you don’t have Windows Server 2008 in your environment (you can!) so I thought it would be useful to create a quick whitepaper on the basic requirements for this feature, […]