Group Policy Automation

Automation is a key part of improving the efficiency of your IT organization. This is especially true in the modern data center filled with 100s or 1000s of virtual machines. Automating changes to Group Policy settings, especially in larger or more complex environments, has been largely a manual task, since Group Policy’s inception in 2000. Fortunately, since 2007, SDM Software has provided the Group Policy Automation Engine (GPAE), a PowerShell-based solution that lets you read and write settings into GPOs.

When you have 100 GP Preferences Drive Mappings that need to be changed, or 1000 GPOs that need an updated Restricted Groups policy, if done manually that could mean you’re facing hours of GPO modifications, painstakingly clicking through UIs and hoping that all the settings changes you’re making are correct. GPAE enables your automation scenarios with amazing efficiency.

Group Policy management tasks that could take hours or days, now take seconds or minutes.  And, because you are scripting the changes, that chance for accidents or mistyped information is minimized.  Incorporate GPAE into your Group Policy change control processes to give you more power and flexibility than ever before.