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Configuring Event Logs with Group Policy

I was trolling around GP Editor in Windows 8 and found a set of Administrative Template settings that I had not seen before. Interestingly, those setting did indeed exist in Windows 7 (and probably Vista) so it was just me missing them. Prior to those OS releases, if you want to configure Windows Event Logs […]

Group Policy Performance and Security Policy

If you haven’t already seen it, check out my article in this month’s TechNet Magazine on "Optimizing Group Policy Performance". The article goes into fair bit of detail about things you can do (or not do) to ensure that GP performance is good on your Windows systems. But one thing I didn’t get into is […]

Restricted Groups policy

Under the category of "you learn something new every day" I was playing around with some stuff yesterday and finally got a chance to confirm something that someone had posted on the ActiveDir mailing list. We all know about how some policies tattoo the registry. Security policies are typically one of those areas where, if you […]