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Migrating from IE Maintenance Home Page Policy Using PowerShell

There’s no doubt that Microsoft’s dropping support of IE Maintenance Policy for systems running IE 10 and above has been a blessing and a curse. As I’ve observed, the blog postings I’ve done on this site related to this issue continue to have the highest view counts. Clearly people were caught unawares as a result of this […]

WARNING: Installing IE 10 on your Windows 7 Workstation Removes IE Maintenance Policy from Group Policy

Thanks to fellow Group Policy MVP  Alan Burchill for warning about this–apparently if you install Internet Explorer 10 on your Windows 7 workstation, and you also happen to manage Group Policy from that machine, the IE 10 installation removes the option to edit IE Maintenance policy from that machine completely. I even confirmed that the MMC […]

Microsoft Guidance on IE Maintenance GroupPolicy Removal in Windows 8

As I blogged a few days back, Microsoft has deprecated (or removed) IE Maintenance Policy in Windows 8/Server 2012. And while I think this is a generally good thing, some folks may be wondering how they’re going to configure IE going forward. Well, Microsoft has published some preliminary documentation with guidance on how to get at […]

Interesting Change to Group Policy in Server 2012/Windows 8

Fellow Group Policy MVP Alan Burchill brought this topic up on our GP MVP mailing list and I had to look into it. He pointed out that in the release candidate for Server 2012/Windows 8, the IE Maintenance Policy node can no longer be found within GP Editor, as shown below: Now, if you’ve followed my […]